Ortuño lookout point

This is a compulsory stop on your way to Teide along the La Esperanza road. Mark this treasure with an X on your map. From here, you will get the first panoramic view of Teide National Park, all the way to the north-west coast of the Island and sometimes as far as the neighbouring island of La Palma on a clear day. If you're lucky, you might also be blessed with the magical sight of the blanket of clouds over the valley, inviting you to leap onto its welcoming cotton cushions. This stone lookout point stands at kilometre point 19 on the road. Remember: it's a compulsory stop!

  • Location: TF-24 Km pt. 19. La Victoria de Acentejo
  • Parking facilities: Yes
  • "Guagua" (bus) stop: Yes
  • Disabled access: Yes
  • Interpretation boards or panels: Yes
  • UTM coordinates: 0360519/3142964