Montaña Amarilla

Natural Monument

Prepare to discover a striking and unique landscape marked by a series of perfectly aligned volcanoes following an invisible volcanic line. A marine eruption was the origin of the mountain, which houses a moving sand dune that is a pleasure to visit.

There are sweet euphorbia plants all over. You will discover a variety of species that inhabit these areas, which are deeply affected by the tides, including the "sea pineapple" and the sea lettuce, which sailors used to eat. Kestrels and Betherlot's pippits are the most common animal species in the area.

Municipality: San Miguel de Abona

Expanse: 27.8 hectares (68,7 acres)

How to get there:

Drive along the TF-1 and exit towards Las Chafiras-San Miguel-Los Abrigos, taking the TF-655. After less than 2 km (1.24 miles), you will see a road towards the sea: the TF-652 that reaches the town of Guargacho. From the town you will find another paved road that leads you straight to Montaña Amarilla.

The TF-652 can also take you to Costa del Silencio, where you should take the left turn 800 m (874 yards) after kilometre 5. As you come to the end of the road, you will reach Montaña Amarilla.