Rambla de Castro

Protected Landscape

45 hectares (111 acres) of beauty await you in Rambla de Castro. Take a stroll amidst the endangered species such as Canarian palms, euphorbia, Canary Island spurges and dragon trees that populate the area. There is also a wealth of fauna, including birds such as Scopoli's shearwaters.

If you think you might enjoy the natural wonders and spectacular scenery in the area, equally worth seeing are the man-made constructions dotted about the landscape. Visit the shrine dedicated to San Pedro on the crest of a small hill looking proudly out over the landscape.

A little way down is the estate of Hacienda de los Castro, the most prominent on the coastal area dating back to the 16th century. Other interesting constructions for you not to miss are the small fortress of San Fernando and the old water lifting station of La Gordejuela, which helped carry the water from its source to the crops. It represented quite the construction feat at the time when it was built owing to its technical complexity.

Municipality: Los Realejos

Expanse: 45 hectares (119 acres)

How to get there:

From the TF-5 motorway, 200 m (218 yards) after kilometre 41, turn off as you pass the San Pedro lookout point in Los Realejos. There is a car park at the lookout point for you to leave your vehicle and continue your journey into this protected landscape on foot, along the trail that sets off downwards from the lookout point.