Montaña Roja

Special Nature Reserve

This unique expanse of 166 hectares (410 acres) is covered with inorganic sand and wetlands that are home to protected bird species such as the Kentish plover. Feel the fresh ocean breeze as you look out towards the Montaña Roja volcano standing just 171 m (561 ft) high, the result of a coastal eruption that became joined to the Island by a string of volcanic materials. Go for a paddle in one of the many rock pools, or simply bury your feet in the pleasant sand on the beaches that you will come across in this unique spot.

Municipality: Granadilla de Abona.

Expanse: 166 hectares (410 acres).

How to get there:

Travel along the TF-1 and turn off at the exit towards San Isidro-El Médano-Granadilla. Take the TF-64 towards El Médano until you reach the crossroads with the TF-643. Once there, you will need to turn off towards Los Abrigos. After just under a mile you will come to Montaña Roja. You can park up at either of the two car parks: one is on the bend at El Tapao, the other is by the beach of La Tejita.

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