Roque de Jama

Natural Monument

The rock formation of Roque de Jama is a wonderfully beautiful structure that represents a unique landscape. The importance of this structure lies in its origin, which is linked to the formation of the Adeje mountain range. It houses a number of important plant populations that grow in the rocks.

Municipality: San Miguel de Abona

Expanse: 94.1 hectares (232,5 acres)

How to get there:

You can get here from the town of San Miguel de Abona by taking the TF-28 and driving until you reach kilometre 92. Carry on 700 m (765 yards) and you will come to this natural monument. If you stick to the TF-28 you will drive all the way around Roque de Jama from the south.

You can also get here from the town of Arona by taking the road that leads to Valle de San Lorenzo. Once there, take the TF-28 and about 500 m (547 yards) from the centre of Valle de San Lorenzo, you will reach this natural monument.