Charco de La Araña

If you are looking for a special place to feel at one with nature, you must come to Charco de la Araña. This natural swimming pool is revealed as the sea recedes at low tides and disappears again at high tide. It is the perfect place to dive into crystal clear waters, particularly if you are a fan of snorkelling.

The pool is located by the beach it is named after and is not far from the municipal swimming pools leisure complex. A very pleasant setting that invites you to do some exercise by the sea.

You will be able to see the view towards the cliffs of La Culata as the sea birds swoop and dive over the waves. As an added attraction, you will also come across the amazing skeleton of a real Sei Whale (Baleanoptera borealis borealis). These remains are a tribute to all cetaceans and encourage you to reflect on the respectful relationship between mankind and the sea.

Charco de La Araña
Carretera El Puertito, 43-39, 38479 Los Silos, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
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