Charco Juaniquín

When the tide is high, the volcanic rock fills up with water to form a natural rock swimming pool. It is a medium sized shallow pool. It also features a sort of beach made of pebbles. The pool lies on the beautiful coast of Los Silos and is one of the most visited by residents in the fishing neighbourhood of La Caleta de Interián, especially from April to December.

This is the perfect place to spend a laid-back family day in the sun. It is easily accessible thanks to a ramp with a handrail.

To get there, go to La Caleta de Interián and take Calle de San Andrés or Calle de Miramar.

If you happen to be there on the evening before the San Andrés Apóstol celebrations, which take place on 29 November, you will be able to enjoy all the festive fun from this privileged spot and watch one of the best aquatic fire work displays in Tenerife.

Charco Juaniquín
Carretera El Puertito, 26, 38479 Puertito de los Silos, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
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Los Silos. It will be good weather all Thursday long. In the evening there will be not a cloud in the sky. Temperatures will remain unchanged.