La Casa del Carnaval

Experience Tenerife's most international celebration all year round

La Casa del Carnaval of Santa Cruz de Tenerife opened its doors in 2017 to give testimony and stable diffusion throughout the year of the most important festival of the city, the only one in the Canary Islands declared of International Tourist Interest.

The building, located in Santos ravine’s park, is 1.052 square meters and allows the enhancement of all the elements and qualities that make the chicharrero festival unique, with a dual purpose of public service and as a vehicle for promoting tourism.

La Casa del Carnaval, although always in constant renovation due to its concept, hosts an exhibition with particularly symbolic elements of the festival, like the first advertising poster – work of the painter Juan Galarza - or the cane used as a baton by the conductor of the Afilarmónica Ni Fú-Ni Fá, the well-remembered Enrique González.

Hence, it is conceived as a presentation card of the festivity and as a place of exhibition of its heritage values, as well as a meeting point for carnival groups and an instrument of touristic promotion. All with a highly interactive character.

La Casa del Carnaval can be visited for free, all days of the week, from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.


La Casa del Carnaval has four defined areas:

The permanent hall: endowed with sufficiently flexible equipment to host collections and contents of different typologies, documentary and multimedia resources. While it will be changing every year, the central pieces will be the groups’ fantasies and the gowns of the Carnival queens.

The exhibitions hall Luis Hormiga “Suspi”: facilitates the organisation of temporary exhibitions, conferences, book presentations, talks or seminars.

The multi-purpose hall: created to carry out other temporary exhibitions as well as some occasional act, event or activity that requires this space.

The shop: located at the entrance and accompanied by a series of Carnival posters from different years, where you can buy merchandising with the corporative logo and take home a souvenir of the visit.

The centre is thus aimed at four target groups: tourists, the carnival community (groups and enthusiasts), specialists and researchers, and the public (visitors and families).



Inside you can find a permanent exhibition, thought as an attractive, sensorial, comfortable and entertaining space which also presents sufficiently flexible equipment to host collections and contents of different typologies, documentaries and multimedia resources.


Therefore, the exhibition space will vary annually, incorporating the current Carnival queen’s gown as well as the ones used by the different artistic groups (adult and child murgas, musical groups, comparsas…) during that year.

The current Carnival queen’s gown is the key and central piece that shows the grandiosity of our queens and the craftwork that is behind them. To its right, there is the Permanent Hall, perhaps the most special place in this building because it concentrates a multitude of costumes and figures, but above all, because it is the link between the past and the present of the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

To soak up the history of the Carnival there are the so-called “serpentinas”, eight audio-visual screens where some of the most important chapters of our festival are reproduced. Throughout the tour, the visitor will find different Carnival posters, as well as a videowall with videos alluding to this festival. A didactic and interactive space, where visitors and students will be able to know the Carnival of Santa Cruz first hand. Thus, the contents of the Casa del Carnaval.

Numerous new features have also been added, such as the new audio guide system, which allows visitors to access the tour of the site with multimedia content in English and Spanish via mobile devices. During the visit, digital resources will also continue to be available to guarantee complete immersion in our festival.

La Casa del Carnaval has also an exhibition hall, known as Sala Suspi, honouring an acknowledged murguero, where temporary exhibitions, conferences, presentations, talks or seminars will take place, as well as a multi-purpose room, mainly for temporary exhibitions, and corporate merchandising shop of the museum.

La Casa del Carnaval
Calle Aguere, 17, 38005 Santa Cruz De Tenerife