La Casa del Carnaval

Experience Tenerife's most international celebration all year round

Casa del Carnaval ( The House of Carnival) in Santa Cruz de Tenerife opened its doors in June 2017 to bear witness to the city's most important festival, the only one in the Canary Islands to be declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest, and to spread it in a stable manner throughout the year.

The building, located in the park of the Barranco de Santos ravine, has a surface area of 1,052 square metres and makes it possible to enhance all the elements and qualities that make the festival unique, with a dual aspect of public service and vehicle for tourism promotion.

The Casa del Carnaval, which by design will always be in constant renovation, houses an exhibition of particularly emblematic elements of the festival, such as the first poster - a work by the painter Juan Galarza - or the baton used by the director of the Afilarmónica Ni Fú-Ni Fá, the unforgettable Enrique González.

Therefore, it is designe d to be a visitors´ card for the festival and an exhibition space for heritage values, as well as a meeting place for carnival groups and a tool for promoting tourism. And all this with a highly interactive character.

Casa del Carnaval can be visited free of charge every day of the week from 10:00 to 18:30. The city council has also worked with Sinpromi to ensure the accessibility of all the content, which will be adapted as it goes along. In any case, those who need it can avail of a personal guide service to enjoy a fully accessible visit.

Due to COVID19, Casa del Carnaval has given any user the opportunity to make a book through the Casa del Carnaval website ( The aim is to control capacity and visiting hours. In this way, on presenting their ticket at the entrance, visitors can choose between

"General Admission": Monday to Sunday from 10:00-17:30, with a maximum duration per visit of 1 hour, access every 15 minutes.

"Guided school visits": Tuesdays from 11:00-12:00 or from 12:00 to 13:00, with a duration of 30 minutes.

"Non-school guided visits": Saturdays from 11:00-12:00 or from 12:00 to 13:00, with a duration of 30 minutes.

Depending on the incidence on the island, the capacity varies between 6 and 4 people per group.

Visitors can also use the audio guide for free via their own device, with this tool available in both English and Spanish.

Casa del Carnaval has four well defined areas:

The permanent exhibition: flexible enough to accommodate collections and content of different types, as well as documentary collections and multimedia resources. The centrepiece will be the costumes of the Carnival queens (Reinas del Carnaval)will be the centrepiece, although they will be changeable.

The Luis Hormiga "Suspi" Exhibition Hall , a multi-purpose hall named after a well-known “murguero” (participant in a carnival group of singers and dancers), will allow the organisation of temporary exhibitions, conferences, book presentations, lectures and seminars. The outdoor area will also allow the programming of activities through a removable outdoor stage, in which performances, concerts, costume presentations.... will take place.

The rest area: equipped with seating for resting, and where you can also admire our miniatures of the queens' costumes from different years.

The shop: located at the same entrance and accompanied by a series of posters announcing our carnival from different years. Here you can buy merchandising with the company logo and take away a souvenir of our visit.

In this way, the centre covers the regional, local, national, and international spheres and addresses four target groups: Tourists, the carnival community (groups and enthusiasts), specialists and researchers, and the public (visitors and families).


Inside is a permanent exhibition designed as an attractive, sensory, comfortable, and entertaining space, with equipment flexible enough to accommodate collections and content of different types, documentary collections and multimedia resources.

Thus, the exhibition space will vary each year to include both the costume of the current Carnival Queen and the costumes of the different artistic groups (adult and children's "murgas", musical groups, " comparsas"...) of that year.

The costume of the current Carnival Queen is the centrepiece that will greet visitors in the hall of the building and serve as an attraction from the outside. Thus, it is presented with a welcome area that serves as an introduction to the exhibition and gives way to a sensory space with coloured lights and sounds of carnival, where coloured streamers enter the centre of the room, where eight independent modules with multilingual screens explaining different aspects of carnival are located.

Along the tour, the visitor will find various carnival posters, as well as a video wall with videos alluding to this celebration. An educational and interactive space where visitors and schoolchildren can learn first-hand about the Santa Cruz Carnival. The contents of the Casa del Carnaval have been adapted to the new health protocols.

A lot of content has also been added, such as the new audio-guide system that allows access to the tour via mobile devices with multimedia content in English and Spanish. Digital resources will also continue to be available during the visit to ensure full immersion in our festival.

The heritage of Carnival

It will soon house the long-awaited Centre for the Documentation and Preservation of the Carnival Heritage of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which will collect the historical, artistic and sentimental heritage of the festival and allow the recording, research and archiving of documentary and audio-visual material.

Designed as a space for active learning, it will promote educational activities and have an area dedicated to programming workshops and different activities aimed at both school children and adults. ​

La Casa del Carnaval
Calle Aguere, 17, 38005 Santa Cruz De Tenerife