Preparations for the groups' participation in these contests begin almost a year in advance. Long before the Carnival hits the streets and the fair ground gets decorated, the city's rehearsal halls are buzzing with the sound of the murgas, comparsas, rondallas and music groups.

During the year running up to each contest, the groups write their lyrics, tune their voices, prepare their choreographies and secretly rehearse to make sure they have the wittiest lyrics, the liveliest dances and the most harmonious compositions.

In addition to the artistic work entailed, which involves thousands of carnival-goers from the hundreds of groups that take part every year, the groups also design their fantastic costumes specially for the occasion, made by truly enormous teams of dressmakers.

All this careful preparation is carried out with the aim of providing the most impressive spectacle during the competition. Every year, the contests involve thousands of contestants who are passionate about Carnival.