Fire from the Cliff

Garachico is a town that has taught us a lesson: how to rise from the ashes after being struck by a volcanic eruption and be re-born as magnificent as before, if not more! In 1706, the Trevejo volcano and its tongues of lava swept away everything in their path, including the town's buildings and port.

Now, once every five years, Garachico recalls the tragedy by holding the traditional celebration of Fire from the Cliff, which provides a unique opportunity to imagine the terrific might of this geological phenomenon. Spectacular fireworks and incandescent balls are sent hurtling down the hill to commemorate the moment when everything changed in this town. The event was most recently celebrated in 2010 and 2015.

  • Where: Garachico.
  • When: Late July-early August
Weather Today
Maximum: 27º
Minimum: 20º
Garachico. Light, fine but steady rain will fall on Wednesday morning. In the afternoon, no sunshine visible. At night, clouding over. Temperatures will remain unchanged.