The Hearts of Tejina

This is one of the most brightly coloured and striking traditions on the Island, which is why the residents of the town of Tejina are so keen to keep it alive. A cross-shaped structure is erected with two wooden hearts, one bigger than the other, and the structure is used as a base on which to attach flowers, fruit and specially decorated flat bread. This celebrates the San Bartolomé festival, which takes place in late August, when the three main neighbourhoods in the town (El Pico, Calle Arriba and Calle Abajo) bring out the hearts that they have been working on for days. Weighing up to 900 kilos (1985 lbs) and towering 12 metres tall (39 ft), the townsmen carry them all the way to the church square. Once raised, an entertaining ritual begins in which each neighbourhood tauntingly mocks the others' hearts. The festivity has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest and dates back over a hundred years.

  • Where: Tejina.
  • When: Late August.
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