Cervecería Tacoa Fábrica

​​The first craft-beer factory in the Canary Islands and the oldest in Spain. Tacoa prepares twelve different styles of beer that are 100% natural, without any kind of chemical ingredients, added gas, or pasteurisation.

TACOA offers guided visits for groups of at least fifteen persons and a maximum of fifty (divided into two groups of 25 persons) on which you will be shown the real process of craft beer making. These visits generally conclude with a beer tasting (with the proper service), as well as tapas to go with the beer.

The styles that they habitually offer are:

*Golden Ale

*Surf Beer




*Passion fruit




To these must be added two more styles from the Perenquén range, created exclusively for hotel and catering outlets, which are offered in two variants:

*Perenquén Tutti Frutti

*Perenquén Mocca Stout

You can now drink your health with a totally revolutionary beer which is just as exquisite, which has been given a fabulous welcome: Mary Jane, with extract of aroma of marihuana.

Tacoa is history, culture and innovation in beer.

In parallel, in the brewery, there is a section devoted to gastronomy where a wide range of tapas are offered, together with Vegan dishes, tremendous salads, smoked produce and German cooking. This space has seating for eighty, apart from the bar area. The factory also forms an integral part and there is also the "Brew Shop", where you can buy your beer in bottles, as well as branded goods and everything you need to make beer at home for hobby brewers. There are also two terraces, a small one at the entrance and another larger one at the back, and a games room for children. In the basement is the cultural space, devoted to workshops on the preparation of home-made beer and all kinds of grains, tastings with and without food, talks and round tables. This is where the grain is stored and ground and the beer is bottled and stockpiled.

There are also portable beer taps which it Is possible to take to wherever the customer wishes.

Tacoa beat the European height record in September 2014 when it brewed a beer on the slopes of Mount Teide, at 2,150 metres above sea level. This beer includes a locally grown and unique ingredient in its preparation: honey from the red tajinaste, which is only sold in the Mount Teide National Park (at the Parador Hotel).

Toilets adapted for the disabled and those of limited mobility.


Aseos adaptados para personas con discapacidad​