Charter for the Sustainability of Activities in the Nature

The Charter for the Sustainability of Activities in the Nature is a project together with active tourism businesses on the island of Tenerife, whose main objective is to generate a differentiated offer with values that come from the search for excellence in the provision of services and a broad and transversal approach to sustainability. All this is based on a stable framework of public-private cooperation.

The participating companies voluntarily commit themselves to comply with the 15 points of this Charter, which has been drawn up in collaboration with them in order to offer the customer a meaningful and transformative tourist experience that is at the same time sustainable and respectful of the environment and natural resources.

The Charter for the Sustainability of Activities in Nature is the result of a participatory process conceived between Turismo de Tenerife, different sectors of the Tenerife Island Council and the active tourism businesses that develop activities in the island's natural environment.

Each of the parties undertakes to formalise it:

  • To work from a broad sustainability perspective by introducing environmental, socio-economic and cultural indicators into the nature tourism offer.
  • Differentiate and segment a nature activity offer through excellence and environmental responsibility.
  • Enforce compliance with current regulations, especially in relation to the use and management of protected natural areas.
  • To strengthen networking and public-private and private-private cooperation between companies with shared values and philosophy.
  • From a practical dimension, to contribute to strengthening the image of a responsible and competitive destination.

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