PR-TF 10 Cruz del Carmen - Punta del Hidalgo. Stretch: Cruz del Carmen - Las Carboneras

Medium-difficulty trail located in Santa Cruz - La Laguna

The trail route on the TF-12 road, once you pass the villages of Las Canteras and Las Mercedes, in La Cruz del Carmen, is an area with a restaurant, a viewing point, a visitors’ centre and an information point about Anaga Rural Park. There you will find the Nuestra Señora del Carmen hermitage, a stone-walled building erected at the end of the 19th Century. The trail starts to the right of the restaurant.

Continue along a compact dirt track through a dense mass of faya bushes and heather and other species typical of laurel forests. From this point onwards, you should avoid any detour to the left. After a gentle slope, the path follows several sharp bends and narrows to a fork where you must choose the path to the right, until you reach the Las Hiedras track, where you should turn right.

Continuing in this direction, the path leads to a drinking water fountain, and continues for about 10 to 15 minutes until it reaches the TF-145 road. After about 200 m of road and passing the hamlet of La Cordillera, there is a stone staircase and a sign that reads 8220; Las Escaleras 8221 on the left-hand side of the road, which zigzags up to a point where the path has two options: Las Carboneras 2 to the right and Chinamada to the left.

Status: certified trail

Other details

Location: Municipality of La Laguna

  • Starting point: Cruz del Carmen (1)
  • Finishing point: Las Carboneras (2)
  • Distance: 5,5 Km
  • Duration: 1h. 35 mins.
  • Difficulty: Low - Meedium
  • Slope: De 1.000 a 500 m. S. N. M.