La Montañeta – Arenas Negras

Medium-difficulty trail located in North Tenerife

The path starts at San Francisco de La Montañeta hermitage, from where it ascends along the road to the forest house, in front of which you have to take a path that leads 300 metres further up the road. Once back on the tarmac road, continue along it until you reach a signpost to Arenas Negras [Black Sands]. There is a bus stop next to it.

At this point, a dirt track begins, along which you climb, without taking any turnings off, for about two kilometres. It is a climb that should be made in the cooler hours of the day to avoid excessive heat and sunstroke.

After about 45 minutes of uphill walking, you reach the Arenas Negras recreation area, which has fountains, campfire sites, tables and camping areas.

Other details

Location: Municipality of Garachico

  • Starting point: La Montañeta (1)
  • Finishing point: Arenas Negras Recreation Area (2)
  • Distance: 2.8 km
  • Duration: 50 mins.
  • Difficulty: Low - Medium
  • Altitude: From 1,000 m to 1,300 m above sea level