Las Vueltas - Taganana

Medium-difficulty trail located in Santa Cruz - La Laguna

The Las Vueltas footpath was, until very recently, the only means of communication between the villages of Taganana, Santa Cruz and La Laguna. The trail starts to the left of the forest house, on the TF-12 road and in the area known as Casas de las Cumbres, along a stepped dirt track. It ascends through dense masses of faya bushes and heather to the vicinity of a cave on the right-hand side of the track.

From this point, it starts to descend, while the presence of laurel forest species and water springs increases in the surrounding area. The route shows the original cobblestones on several occasions, and follows a path full of curves, the origin of the name Camino de las Vueltas (tradition has it that there are as many as there are days in the year).

After this stretch, the density of trees gradually disappears, giving way to spectacular views of the coast. The cobblestones become more and more visible and dry-stone walls and abandoned or cultivated terraces of potatoes and vines begin to appear. From this point onwards, the path advances to Los Naranjos street, crosses it and, after a few metres, takes a cobbled path on the left that leads to the Portugal neighbourhood, now in Taganana, an interesting village with an outstanding traditional architecture of houses. This was probably the first European settlement in the region after the conquest of the island.

Status: path in process of certification

Other details

Location: Municipality of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

  • Starting point: TF-1124 (Forest house) (1)
  • Finishing point: Taganana (2)
  • Distance: 4.5 km
  • Duration: 2 hr 30 mins.
  • Difficulty: Medium