Ruta de Los Peregrinos [Pilgrims’ route]

Medium-difficulty trail located in South Tenerife

The route starts at kilometre 30 of the TF-24 road, which rises from La Esperanza to Las Cañadas, in the spot known as La Crucita, where there is a viewing point. The starting point of the trail is to the right of this viewing point, on a forest track. A few metres to the left of the starting point there are two wooden stumps buried halfway down, which indicate the entrance to the path.

In the first few metres of this section, special care must be taken, as it is easy to slip. This path leads to the Las Arenas volcano, over lava flows and a steep slope. It is often intercepted by the forest track. The path enters Caldera de Pedro Gil, whose most singular and characteristic element is the volcanic cone of Las Arenas. Once the path starts on the track next to the volcano, it continues a few metres along the right-hand side of the road, and takes up the track again a little further on, until it crosses a fence. The path descends towards some chestnut tree plantations and reaches a stone building known as El Refugio. A few metres from this enclave and to the left the path continues, leaving the track for good. You need to turn off to the left again a few metres further on.

The path then runs through a very old and interesting pine forest, where you can walk for about 35 minutes, along a pleasant path that descends gently under the shade of the trees.

This point is located on a small hill from where you can see a dry river bed a few metres downhill. Here, take the path to the left, which crosses the river bed further down, while at the same time descending next to another channel, this time with water.

The road continues without forking until it reaches a tarmacked section in the upper part of Arafo. You must continue down this road until you reach the first turn on the left, which leads to the centre of Arafo. Here it is possible to catch a bus to Candelaria, the end of the trail.

Other details

Situation: Municipalities of Arafo - Güímar - Candelaria

  • Starting point: La Crucita (1)
  • Finishing point: Arafo (2)
  • Distance: Route 1: 14.5 km.
    Route 2: 12.5 km.
  • Total: 27 km
  • Duration: Route 1: Approx. 6 hours
    Route 2: Approx. 3 hours
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Difference in altitude: Route 1 - 1,980 m (average approx. 12%)
    Route 2 - 200 m (average approx. 3%)