San Juan del Reparo - Garachico

Low-difficulty trail located in Isla Baja

A large part of the path runs along the old Camino de Herradura [bridle path], following the path of the lava flows, which in May 1706 descended from the crater of the Montaña Negra volcano, and driven by the slope, swept away the villages in their path, reaching the port, lowering its bay and affecting part of its town centre. The path starts in San Juan del Reparo and runs along El Monte street.

Just after the crossroads, there is a narrow road that descends to a first turning, which must be followed to the left, and a second one to the right. The tarmac of the road begins to fade in this section and a cobbled path appears, originating in an old bridle path that zigzags downhill and from which it is possible to enjoy marvellous views of the town and port of Garachico. This nature spot is characterised by a combination of lava flows originating from the eruption of the Montaña Negra volcano in 1706. The landscape is also marked by varied vegetation in which the pine forest dominates as the only tree species, mixed with some rocky species such as bejeques [aeonium canariense], sow thistles, thyme and some cardoncillos [ceropegia dichotoma], without forgetting the constant presence of ferns and lichen.

The path gradually disappears to reach the outskirts of the village, where the first houses appear. From here, you reach a street that descends between traditional architecture and some modern buildings to the church of Santa Ana, the roundabout of San Francisco, the Town Hall and the Stone House, all located around the Plaza de La Libertad.

The street on the left leads to Plaza de Juan González de la Torre, where the Puerta de Tierra is located and the trail ends.

Other details

Location: Municipality of Icod de Los Vinos

  • Starting point: San Juan del Reparo (1)
  • Finishing point: Garachico (2)
  • Distance: 4.5 km
  • Duration: 1 hr 30 mins.
  • Difficulty: Low
  • Difference in altitude: 500 m