The incomparable Canarian pine tree


Every last element on the Island has been blessed with the gift of adaptation, not just its people. Its pine trees have been destroyed over and over again by volcanic eruptions, to the extent that they have developed an astounding ability to regenerate: they are capable of withstanding fire thanks to the thick layer of cork around their trunk. As a result, when fire devastates Tenerife's countryside, the Canarian pine tree survives. Only the outermost areas of the tree get burnt, allowing it to fully recover in just a few years.

The Canarian pine tree also boasts another valuable quality: when draped in the veil of clouds that so often covers parts of the Island, its leaves gather the water which then drops to the ground and flows into the land's watercourses.

The Corona Forestal Nature Park contains wonderful examples of Canarian pines. This is the Canary Islands' largest protected nature area and is home to an impressive pine forest surrounding the Teide National Park, which you simply must visit.