Explore an underground maze

This lava tunnel is the fifth longest in the world after those in Hawaii, but it is one of a kind in terms of characteristics. The Cueva del Viento cave is in Icod de los Vinos and measures 17 km (10.5 miles) long, making it the longest volcanic tunnel in Europe. It was formed by the colling of the outer layers of a torrent of magma, which cooled even as the inside flowed on. This happened 27,000 years ago during the eruption of Pico Viejo, at the foot of mount Teide.

The roof of the lave tube in Cueva del Viento​ stands up to 17 m (55 ft) high in its tallest sections, and at some points tunnel as deep as 60 m (195 ft) under ground.

Come and discover its over 100 species of insects, most of which haven't got eyes because, quite frankly, they wouldn't be much use in an environment without a single ray of light. This highly recommendable experience allows you to explore the secrets that this maze-like cave hides in its three different levels and network of passageways. The most hair-raising part of the trip comes when the guide tells everybody to switch off their torches and spend a few moments in complete silence in the pitch black darkness. This is the closest you'll get to experiencing nothingness... Amazing!