Days for strolling and theatre

Living amongst volcanoes is exciting, enriching and thrilling, but it is not without risk. In most cases, the danger is predictable and avoidable, but 300 years ago things weren't so easy. In 1706, the Trevejo volcano destroyed Garachico. Fortunately, the eruption caused no casualties and a new town was built over the lava with a historic quarter that has earned itself a Gold Medal for Fine Arts. A good way to explore the town is taking a theatrical tour to relive the events of the past.

The castle of San Miguel is a great place to stop and take a dip in the natural sea pools or visit the nearby Puerta de Tierra park.

A pleasant and easy stroll around the historic quarters of Los Silos, El Tanque, Buenavista and Santiago del Teide will allow you to discover their charming streets, squares, monasteries and old buildings, and don't forget to take a break for a coffee, which they make beautifully here. If you prefer to know exactly where you're going, head to one of their tourist information centres and they will tell you what not to miss.

In Santiago del Teide, the Casa del Patio (Patio House) is well worth a visit. This stately Canarian home built in 1668 is one of the most important architectural gems from the period that followed the Spanish conquest. You can even spend the night there because it now houses a lovely country hotel.