Get moving and feel alive

There are plenty of active tourism activities for you to enjoy here in the great outdoors. Hiking is one of them, and there are a whole host of trails you can take to discover how the Island was formed. A variety of companies organise hiking outings and other outdoor activities. You can go mountain biking, on spectacular trails, or get the thrill of paragliding from some of the Island's best take-off points, especially El Tanque.

There are a great variety of sea-based options too: whale and dolphin watching at Puerto de los Gigantes, or scuba diving in the area's ocean floors, which are full of life. Sea bream, salemas, rays and starfish welcome you as you dive into their habitat.

Do you have any idea how good it feels to swim in a natural pool right by the sea? Garachico, Los Silos, Santiago del Teide and Buenavista are home to some of the best pools on the Island. Charco La Araña, Playa Síbora, the natural pools of El Caletón…

Ironically, sometimes the best way to train your mind and body is to do nothing at all. That's what they recommend in the area's spas, where you will be pampered with replenishing treatments. You can choose from a number of establishments.

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PR-TF 52 Erjos–Las Portelas (Monte del Agua). While it is true that there are patches of laurel forests all over the Territorio Antiguo, this is where the you will find the most spectacular forest. Plus, it is also one of the best preserved.

PR-TF 53 Los Silos-Cuevas Negras–Erjos. Much of the trail still features the old flagstones that were laid down for the livestock to walk on, and is lined with derelict hamlets such as Cuevas Negras, which still houses a huge Canarian laurel, a native tree with red-coloured wood.

PR-TF 54 Los Silos-Las Moradas-Monte del Agua. The hamlet of Las Moradas is a great example of traditional Canarian architecture. The abandoned farming terraces are now overgrown with vegetation.

PR-TF 55 Los Silos-Talavera-El Palmar. The spectacular panoramic views you will get of Los Silos, Isla Baja and El Palmar are reason enough to take this trail. It winds through the uninhabited hamlet of Talavera and across striking farm landscapes.

PR-TF 56 El Palmar-Cumbre de Bolico. Part of the trail follows the old royal pathway that was used up until the mid 20th century for exchanging goods between the inhabitants of the north (bringing vegetables and grain) and the south (offering fish and earthenware).

PR-TF 57 Callejón de Teno. The Teno road was built in 1972, but until then this path was the only route the local inhabitants could take to get to and from the valley of El Palmar.

PR-TF 59 Las Portelas-Masca​. This trail draws an imaginary line between the humid north and the dry south, each at either side. This was the pathway that saved the inhabitants of Masca from isolation.

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