Experience two different lifestyles

It's amazing how a small island can be home to such drastically different landscapes depending on the area you visit.

Naturally, the types of settlements built by their inhabitants are completely different too. Congregated around the ports and farmland in the Valley of Orotava, people soon built stately homes and the towns grew closely around them. In the south, however, the land was governed by crops, which meant that the houses sprang up wherever they were needed, and are dotted all over the territory.

Even the colour of their wines varies. While the valley of Orotava is better known for its reds, the valley of Güímar generally produces whites, as well as a handful of fine reds. Regardless of colour, both valleys have yielded wines acclaimed with distinguished international awards.

Despite their many divergences, another similarity between the two areas is their beaches made of black volcanic sand.

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