Solstices and mysteries

The episodes that have marked the history of the Two Valleys have given rise to legends that impress locals and visitors alike. One of the most famous is the tale of the "prodigy of San Agustín" in Arafo. Legend has it that many years ago a huge rock fell onto the town's spring and prevented the water from flowing out. In a desperate attempt to solve the problem, they took the figure of their Saint to the spring. And so it was that the obstacle disappeared and the water flow was restored. If you would like to meet the Saint who worked this miracle, he will be waiting for you at the local chapel.

In terms of key events on the local calendar, 23 June is a very special day as it marks the beginning of the summer solstice. Starting at noon, Islanders flock to the beaches to gather around the bonfires that are lit to celebrate the night of San Juan, creating a lively festive atmosphere. Don't miss the chance to share this magical evening with them. Get ready to jump over the waves at midnight to fend off evil, and prepare to welcome the new with music, food and drink until the early hours.

If you would rather go for a quieter option, get a taste of the atmosphere around the various bonfires that are lit in almost every town in the area – and on the whole Island, for that matter. The fires are fuelled with the old furniture and unwanted junk that piles up in the locals' houses, and each bonfire is usually crowned with a scruffy rag doll representing San Juan. The flames of the most spectacular bonfires can be seen from miles away. Thousands of small beacons are visible lighting up the Island's shortest night and creating the feeling that something magical is floating in the air.

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