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Picture the sky meeting the horizon at hole seven. The gentle breeze that tests your mettle. You place your tee and ball with the utmost care. The fairway is just the way you like it. You glimpse the flag out of the corner of your eye. You select the right club. The handle rests neatly in your hands like an extension of your own arms. Your muscles tighten and you take another fleeting glance at the hole. After a deep breath, you strike the ball and watch as it comes to a stop right by the hole. You feel great. You feel free. If only you could stay in this paradise forever.

There are eight golf courses and two pitch and putt courses dotted around the Island. Each one offers you a completely different experience of this wonderful sport. Designed by the likes of Severiano Ballesteros, John Jacobs and Donald Steel, there is no question as to the beauty of the courses, with their black sand bunkers and impressive water hazards.

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Tenerife is a slice of paradise for golf lovers. Its exceptional climate, with almost 300 days of sunshine each year, makes it an unrivalled destination for a round of golf. It has a number of golf courses to choose from and all the right facilities for you to enjoy your favourite sport. It also hosts various internationally renowned professional tournaments, as well as events for amateur players, where pros and beginners alike can share the pleasures of this wonderful pastime.

Everything has been carefully designed and thought out so all you have to worry about is selecting the right club, focusing and playing.

Whether you are an experienced player or a beginner, there are specialised companies at hand to make the experience a whole lot easier. These include shops where you can buy everything from clubs and balls to full golfing gear, transport companies to take care of transfers and agencies to organise your whole golfing stay in Tenerife.
  • Tenerife's constant spring temperature means you can pursue your favourite sport all ye...Read more

    Tenerife's constant spring temperature means you can pursue your favourite sport all year round.

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