APIT Tenerife

Asociación Profesional de Guías de Turismo de Tenerife

APIT Tenerife is an association of Tourist Guides founded in 1978 to bring together the service providers so as to ensure a quality service to any visitor who might come to discover our island.
It is the job of the Tourist Guide to inform and interpret the cultural and natural heritage of our territory, which requires study and frequent retraining in order to teach the history, traditions, art, folklore, economy, geography, geology, climatology, fauna, flora and so many other details that belong to the feelings of our people, that is to say to our regional way of life.

The guides in our association have made the image of our islands, of Tenerife and of our towns and villages known to numerous nationalities, to people of all ages and all kinds of cultures, to the peoples of the five continents.  APIT Tenerife belongs to the Spanish Confederation of Federations and Professional Associations of Tourist Guides  ( CEFAPIT ), as well as to the European Federation of Guides (FEG) and holds the Silver Medal of “Importantes de Turismo 2003” granted by the Canary Islands Government.

  • Tourist Guides.
  • Design  and operation of routes.
  • Execution of budgets.
  • Transfers and accompanying
  • Excursions and boat trips.
  • Congresses and Incentive Trips.
  • Agents for contracting extra services that are implicit in the conduct of an excursion.
  • Service hiring centre.
Callejón del Combate, nº 9 -1º Centro 38002 SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE