Montaña Centinela

Natural Monument

Come and see what a volcanic cone looks like close up and admire the Island's typical southern landscapes, sprinkled here and there with magma from long-distant eruptions. Lizards will scurry away at your feet while kestrels fly over you impervious. You will see hundreds of huge Canary Island spurges, sweet euphorbia, prickly pears and balos. Don't miss the magnificent views over the landscape that you will get from up here.

Municipality: Arico

Expanse: 132.3 hectares (326.9 acres)

How to get there:

To reach Montaña Centinela, take the TF-1 motorway and turn off at the exit to El Porís-Villa de Arico. At that exit, take the TF-627 up towards Villa de Arico. At kilometre 3, carry on for 200 m (218 yards) and you will come to the northern-most part of Montaña Centinela. It is at this point that several trails set off into this lovely protected nature area.