A traditional ingredient in Tenerife's cuisine

Despite Tenerife's long-standing and well-known fishing tradition, it also serves some top quality meat. The most common are pork and beef, which are usually roasted or stewed, but its rabbit and goat dishes are the most popular among locals and tourists alike. The Canary Islands are home to three native species of goats, free from brucellosis, that are well-known abroad. The pork obtained from the native species of black pigs is also a favourite thanks to its great flavour.

Many of the local meat dishes are served with other typical products such as potatoes or sweet corn (locally known as pineapple corn). The best places to sample good meat are the restaurants in the north of the Island or on the southern hillsides. Although these establishments open every day, you will find them full of locals at weekends in their eager desire to enjoy the best of Canarian cuisine with their family and friends. On special occasions, the most popularly ordered meat dishes are usually ribs with potatoes or rabbit in salmorejo sauce. Other more common recipes you would be likely to be served at a local's house are potatoes with meat or chick pea stew.

The quality of Tenerife's meats is largely owed to the care and kindness that goes into breeding the animals and to a careful selection of their feed, made locally with the finest raw materials, including the Canarian bananas that are too small to be exported. The weather also has a hand in the great variety of meats that can be found on such a small Island, the animals are taken to the Tenerife Slaughterhouse to be dealt with in accordance with the strictest national and international standards, aided by state-of-the-art technology for guaranteed quality.