Rabbit in Sauce

Traditional recipe in Tenerife

This dish is one of the most well known and typical delicacies of Canarian gastronomy. Its origin seems to have come from the region of Aragón, although it is here that it has achieved its greatest and most deserved fame. Preparation: Cut the rabbit into medium-sized chunks, put them in a bowl and lightly salt. Then crush some garlic cloves with cooking salt. Add paprika and a chilli pepper to this paste and continue to crush. When it is all more or less sticky, add a generous splash of oil and a little less vinegar. Stir well.

This mixture should be poured over the rabbit which should be turned several times to make sure it is well-soaked. Then add a glass of white wine, a bay leaf, some rosemary and some thyme, all well crushed. Again, stir well and leave to stand for a while (between four and twelve hours is recommended). Afterwards, take out the pieces of rabbit and fry them in a frying pan before putting them in a saucepan. In some of the excess oil from frying the rabbit, heat the sauce that remains, and pour it over the rabbit in the saucepan and then simmer it for a few minutes until it is just right.

Other details
1 rabbit of approximately one kilogram in weight
Cooking salt
6 garlic cloves
A small pinch of paprika
1 chilli pepper
Bay leaf