Almogrote (Cheese paste)

Traditional recipe in Tenerife

Almogrote is a type of paste that is typical to La Gomera, where it is made using cheese that has been over-cured. It is spread on toasted bread and is an excellent aperitif with a glass of wine. The word "Almogrote" does not even appear in Spanish dictionaries, although it is probably derived from the word "almodrote": a sauce made from oil, garlic and other ingredients. Almogrote is always made using a mortar and pestle - a basic wooden mortar and pestle,

typical of La Gomera - but, unlike in "mojos" (traditional sauces), which must always be crushed by hand, Almogrote can be made in a blender: provided that the machine's blades are strong enough to mix the cheese.
Preparation: All the ingredients are crushed and mixed in a mortar or a blender with strong blades, preferably after first grating the cheese a little, until a fine, thick paste is obtained that can be easily spread on bread. If tomatoes are used to give it a softer flavour it should be eaten quickly to prevent it from becoming acidic.

Other details
1/2 kg of hard cured cheese
4 tablespoons of pepper
1 chilli pepper
1 and half glasses of olive oil
8 or 10 garlic cloves
300g of ripe tomatoes (optional)