El Confital Beach

If you have pets you're in luck because this is one of the few beaches in Tenerife where you can enjoy a dip in the sea with them.

El Confital is made of grey sand and is located by the mighty slopes of Montaña Roja in El Médano. But it doesn't only appeal to animal lovers – surfers flock there too because when the sea is just right, a very famous wave forms there.

Useful information

  • Location: El Médano, Granadilla de Abona.
  • Length: 210 m (690 ft).
  • Width: 32 m (105 ft).
  • Composition: Grey sand.
  • Means of access: On foot.
  • Disabled access: No.
  • Type of beach: Semi-urban.
  • Amenities: No.
  • Parking facilities: No.
  • Bus service: Yes (inter-city).
  • Coordinates: 28° 01' 52.86'' N 16° 34' 14.32'' W.
  • UTM coordinates: X: 345 604.00 Y: 3 101 670.00 H: 28.
El Confital Beach
El Cano, 3, 38618 Granadilla
Weather Today
Maximum: 24º
Minimum: 15º
Granadilla de Abona. Thin high cloud on Wednesday morning. In the afternoon it will be good weather. At night there will be not a cloud in the sky. Temperatures will remain unchanged.