The Historic Quarter of Tacoronte

Located in the north of Tenerife, as you journey up from the precipitous coastline to the lush forests of the mountain range, the municipality of Tacoronte awaits you. Here, you will discover unique species of flora and fauna, as well as a beautiful historic quarter that has been declared a Historic Site. You will love roaming its charming streets.

One of the most popular trails to explore the old town sets off from the Santuario del Cristo shrine, that dates all the way back to the 17th century. Head through its great wooden doors to see the singular figure of the Santísimo Cristo de los Dolores and to witness the devotion of the Islanders who come to pray here. Beside the shrine is the former San Agustín monastery, which has been classed as a Monument and currently houses the Casa de la Cultura (the culture centre).

The Jardines de Hamilton park is easy to spot thanks to its exuberant beauty which will no doubt catch your eye. And right were the park ends rises the old Stations of the Cross, amidst pine trees that are said to be the last remains of an ancient forest that ran all the way down from the upper part of the municipality. To the left is the corn exchange, known as La Alhóndiga, which was built as a public granary for storing the bushels of corn that the locals would contribute to the town.

Take a walk to the lovely parish church of Santa Catalina, with its wealth of historical heritage that makes it one of the most important churches in the Canary Islands.

The entire town is an exhibition of the Island's traditional architecture. A great example of its treasures is the building of La Casona. Simply embark on a pleasant stroll around the municipality to take in all of its historical and traditional heritage.