Caldera del Rey

Natural Monument

The impressive crater known as Caldera del Rey is considered one of the top three examples of a volcanic phreatomagnetic-explosion on the Island. Surprisingly, the crater's vast and shallow form has enabled banana plants to be grown inside it. It was formed as magma came into contact with the water, causing intense explosions and gas expulsions.

You can still see the remains of caves that were once inhabited by those who farmed this area. There are currently only a couple of families living there.

Euphorbias are the most abundant form of greenery, as well as the banana groves and other ornamental plants. There are also birds such as kestrels and trumpeter finches.

Municipality: Adeje

Expanse: 180.7 hectares (446,5 acres)

How to get there:

To access Caldera del Rey, take the TF-1 motorway and turn off at San Eugenio in Las Américas. At the junction, take the road that leads up towards San Eugenio Alto and after approximately 1 km (0.62 miles), you will have arrived at this natural monument.