Tabaibal del Porís

Scientific Interest Site

This lovely corner in the municipality of Arico is particularly special thanks to its euphorbia population. Prepare to enter a typically Canarian habitat populated by protected species, including spiny lettuce and corazoncillos. The countryside is precipitous due to the malpaís landscape with its volcanic twisting and turning, creating a unique beauty that will captivate you. This site is by the coast, comprising a number of cliffs that plunge into the sea and small pebbled beaches.

Municipality: Arico

Expanse: 48.6 hectares (120.1 acres)

How to get there:

Drive along the TF-1 motorway and take the exit signposted as El Porís-Villa de Arico. Then, follow the TF-625 towards El Porís. Some 380 m (415 yards) from the motorway is a roundabout. Go left there and through the Casablanca residential estate. The back of the estate is bordered by a dirt track, where you can park your car and continue on foot.