TRADITIONAL CHARCOAL KILNS - Rescuing tradition - Tenerife

Traditional Charcoal Kilns

Traditional Charcoal Kilns
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This is yet another example of the cunning of Tenerife's people when it came to survival. This tradition shows us what charcoal kilns are and how they were made in the municipality of Vilaflor. These kilns were a traditional method for producing charcoal on the Island over 30 years ago. The technique consisted of lining tree trunks with the leaves of broom bushes from the valleys around El Teide. The trunks were then covered with stones and earth, placed under a fire overnight and opened the next day to reveal charcoal that was ready to use. You can take this trip down memory lane in early July.

  • Where: Vilaflor.
  • When: May.
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Traditional Charcoal Kilns

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