"One more hour in the Canary Islands" Route

Experience the magic of Tenerife's stages with this tangled up tale about falling in and out of love and about bizarre situations, mixed together to serve up a helping of entertainment with a pinch of humour, all dressed with a series of musical compositions and modern choreographies bubbling with fantasy. The film is exactly what you might expect from director David Serrano, who also directed and wrote the successful Spanish productions "El otro lado de la cama" (the Other Side of the Bed), "Días de fútbol" (Football Days) and "Los dos lados de la cama" (Both Sides of the Bed).


Claudia (Angie Cepeda), an attractive 35-year-old woman, has a lovely café in the heart of Madrid, a handsome husband who she adores, a handsome son who she adores and an even more handsome lover who she adores even more. Her life could not be more idyllic... or so it would seem because Pablo (Quim Gutiérrez), her lover, has decided that he is fed up of being her bit on the side and has left her for another woman.

Our heroine, who can't bear to lose even at dominoes, is not willing to let him go just like that. So, with the help of her sister Mónica (Juana Acosta) and a little financial and emotional blackmail, she hatches what would appear to be a simple plan to get him back: she will take him far away from his girlfriend, where he will be easier to seduce.