The Clutter and Chestnut Festivity

The festivities in honour of San Andrés in Puerto de la Cruz have gained popularity thanks to their originality, so prepare to be pleasantly surprised. Better known as the Clutter and Chestnut Festivity, the event takes place on 29 November and is easily recognisable thanks to the deafening sound of clattering cans, tins and other objects. The locals tie their clutter to pieces of wire and drag them along the ground on a journey that traces the city's streets and comes to an end at the Plaza del Charco square.

Awaiting them at the heart of Puerto de la Cruz is a huge array of roast chestnuts for them to savour, as they are so typical in the area at that time of the year. But you won't just find chestnuts. Other local products such as gofio bread, sweet potatoes and the Island's delicious wines are also on the menu.

  • Where: Puerto de la Cruz.
  • When: 29 November.
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