Igueste de Candelaria

Municipality: Candelaria

This was once a place of symbolism and magic for the Guanche people. The former inhabitants of the Island used it for their group burials and considered it worthy of housing the sacred livestock of Virgen de Candelaria.

With the conquest, people began to settle here and it ended up becoming the most important municipality in terms of both population and farm produce.

The hamlets of Pasacola and Barrio de Jiménez remind us of a past bound to traditional architecture and elements of country life, such as ovens and threshing grounds.

Near here is the Camino Viejo de Candelaria (the Old Candelaria Road) which used to lead to La Laguna. It then became a pilgrimage route for those journeying to worship the Virgen de Candelaria, and that continues to be its purpose to this day.