Pinolere and its surroundings

Municipality: La Orotava

Pinolere is a small village set on the lush mountainside of La Orotava. Its history is strongly linked to the bond between its 700 inhabitants and the land, both in terms of agriculture and deeply-rooted traditions such as charcoal making and basketry. Pinolere is surrounded by ravines (Quirirá, La Arena and La Hondura).

It is fascinating to visit as it still preserves some of its traditional buildings: grand homes with tile rooftops next to humble cottages that evolved from what used to be barn. These barns have relatively low stone walls and wooden roofing made of small-leaved holly or chestnut tree wood covered with ryegrass thatching.

This is where the less wealthy families lived. They were sparsely furnished with the very basics and featured sackcloth partitions that were used to separate one room from another.

Fortunately, over time, the inhabitants of Pinolere have changed these quaint little cottages for more robust, ample and comfortable houses. But several of the cottages are still beautifully preserved and have been fully refurbished, including the furniture. This enables visitors to see what simple life in the area used to be like.

The best time to visit Pinolere is in early September, when the spotlight is shone on traditional local professions (charcoal maker, blacksmith, basket maker, broom maker or carpenter) and their lifestyle, to celebrate a festival that attracts audiences from all over the Island.