Forestal Park Tenerife

An adventure park, located in Las Lagunetas - La Esperanza

Forestal Park is an adventure park located among the Canary Islands' tallest trees and is the only one of its kind on the Island. There are a total of ninety activities at a height, platforms at 30 metres above the ground and zip-lines of several hundred metres in length which allow you to undertake sporting activity in the bosom of nature and in the exceptional setting of the Las Lagunetas Protected Landscape.

Tibetan bridges, games of skill, footbridges and routes through the trees which make it possible, in certain parts, to make out the island of Gran Canaria from the crown of the majestic Canarian pines. And all set out in circuits of different degrees of difficulty designed both for the entire family and for the more sporting. Powerful emotions and adrenaline rushes to make you feel like Indiana Jones or even Tarzan himself.

The best part is that no special physical preparation is necessary as the games are designed so that anybody can take part in a totally safe experience where the keynote is fun.

Adventure, sport, the natural environment and fun in family. Forestal Park Tenerife is a different kind of park designed for everybody.


1.- ‘Briefing’ Circuits

2.- Family Circuits (for all those of 1.10 metres in height and above)

3.- Sports Circuit (for all those of 1.45 metres in height and above)

4.- Nature classroom

5.- Picnic area and drinks service.

Carretera TF-24, dirección La Esperanza – El Teide, km 16 - Las Lagunetas 38290 EL ROSARIO