Exquisite cuisine and fine wines


One of the most popular pastimes among the locals is eating out. But it's uncertain what came first... Was it the restaurants and guachinches that opened and then the islanders who flocked to them in order to try their home-made meals? Or was it the other way around?

Either way, what is certain is that the hundreds of establishments dotted all across the north of Tenerife are buzzing every weekend. And it's not just their delicious home-made food based on traditional and volcano-themed dishes that are worth sampling – the wines they serve, made with the local variety of grape, are also exquisite. The Tacoronte-Acentejo D.O. produces extremely tasty wines which you simply must try. To indulge in all of these local pleasures, all you need to do is choose from one of the restaurants we have picked out for you.

The cuisine in this part of the Island includes some very important ingredients such as chestnuts, almonds and russet apples, which sprinkle the local fields with colour.

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