The stars are watching over you


The quality of Tenerife's skies has been reliably certified, placing the Island among the most internationally acclaimed locations. Mount Teide National Park houses the telescopes of the Izaña Observatory, belonging to the prestigious Canary Islands' Institute of Astrophysics. The observatory is a hive of activity for scientists from all over the world. You can visit some of its facilities during the day provided you book sufficiently in advance.

It is the extraordinary clarity of Tenerife's skies that make it the perfect place for night-time stargazing. There are various companies that specialise in this activity, but you can also choose to go your own way. The best gazing points inside the Park are Montaña Guajara or the area surrounding the Parador hotel. A flask with a nice hot drink and a blanket to ward off the cold will be enough to keep you going while the millions of stars and constellations twinkle away in the sky.

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