Hiking and walking

Like everywhere else on the Island, there are hundreds of trails here. A great option is the GR-131 trail, which is part of route E-7, one of Europe's eleven long-distance trails. On its way through the Island, the trail crosses the highlands of Tenerife from north to south. Starting from Anaga, it meanders through La Esperanza before reaching Arona. At just over 83 kilometres (51 miles) long, this is the longest walk you'll find on the Island.

On a less demanding note, you can explore the trail of Los Guardianes Centenarios in Tacoronte. This leisurely walk takes you through forests of viñatigos, an endemic plant aged over a century old from Macaronesia (an Atlantic region belonging to the Canary Islands).

Every year, more adventurous explorers have the chance to take part in a race through nature - the Tenerife Bluetrail - which crosses the Island from the coast to the mountains. In just a few years, the event has become a key date on Europe's trail running calendar.


Siete Cañadas trail. This area boasts huge value in terms of landscapes, geology and wildlife, as well as huge biodiversity. The trail is part of the old Chasna path, which was used by the Guanche people to cross the Island. The best time to walk it is in late spring and early summer, when the red bugloss is in bloom.

Roques de Garcia trail. This is a circular footpath all the way around the curious Roques de García rock formations. El Cinchado is the most spectacular of these formations as it appears to defy gravity, making it one of the most photographed spots in Teide National Park.

Samara. This trail delves into one of the Park's least explored areas. It is home to some of the Canary Islands' usual high-altitude plant species, such as brooms, pine trees and laburnums. The trail takes you to discover different volcanic cones: Samara, La Botija, Adara…

Fasnia Volcano. This volcano was responsible for one of the Canary Islands' most noteworthy eruptions, when lava gushed out over the surface from three different mouths in a matter of just two months. These mouths were known as the volcanoes of Siete Fuentes, Fasnia and Arenas.

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