What the world used to look like


The Teno Mountain Range, in the heart of this territory, is home to one of Tenerife's most extensive laurel forests. This lush vegetation dates back to the Tertiary Period and has survived to this day in few other places on Earth, which is why we recommend you make the most of it. The forest includes a range of plantlife, from small-leaved holly bushes, laurels and viñatigos to moss and lichens that cling to the tree trunks.  

As you make your rustling way along its trails lined with crisp autumn leaves, you may be lucky enough to spot some of the local bird species: the Tenerife goldcrest, the robin or the Bolle's pigeon. Most of the plants in this landscape are not very tall and they have a lot of low branches, so mind your head!

Have you ever seen it rain sideways? One of the laurel forest's most singular phenomena is its horizontal rain, where drops are suspended in a sea of clouds that gather at altitudes of 400 m to 1,500 m (1310 to 4920 ft). Equip yourself with a raincoat (as opposed to an umbrella) to keep from getting wet.