Sample some unique wines

Wine has been officially produced in Tenerife since the Spanish conquest five centuries ago. The whole process is still very traditional, with the sloping landscape making it difficult to tend to the vines or use machinery to harvest the grapes. For that very reason, and also due to the volcanic nature of the soil that makes it extraordinarily fertile, Tenerife's wines are extremely popular on the Island and beyond.

And they are not the only gastronomic attraction you'll find here. At the weekends, a series of lively street markets are held where local farmers sell their produce. Visiting these markets is not just about buying, but about sharing in their farming experiences and stories.

Gastronomic shows also take place several times a year where the public can sample the land's produce, such as potatoes, fish, cheeses and bananas. This is where we see the true value these products have for the local people, and it is the perfect excuse to try them.