Exquisite cuisine


The Islanders are particularly proud of their cuisine and it would be a sin for you not to try some of their dishes, including meat, fresh fish, vegetables and the ever-present ingredient: Gofio flour.

Of course, every good meal should be married with the right wines. So if you consider yourself something of a connoisseur and like to indulge in a wine's bouquet, textures and hues, the area is home to a number of wineries for you to visit. The local wines belong to one of the area's two designations of origin: Valle de La Orotava and Valle de Güímar.

Would you like to discover the secret of Gofio flour? Visit one of the area's flour mills to learn all about the origin of this typical Canarian ingredient. There are mills open to visitors in both valleys, enticing them with the enveloping aroma of this toasted grain. For many, it is the most delicious smell in the world.

This area is as good as any other on the Island to stop at a restaurant and try some of their volcanic delicacies.

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