Clash of the Titans Route


In “Clash of the Titans”, the ultimate struggle for power pits men against kings and kings against men. But the war between the gods themselves could destroy the world. Born a god but raised as a man, Perseus (Sam Worthington) is helpless to save his family from Hades (Ralph Fiennes), vengeful god of the underworld. With nothing left to lose after their death, Perseus volunteers to lead a dangerous mission to defeat Hades before he can seize power from Zeus (Liam Neeson) and unleash hell on earth.

Perseus embarks on a hazardous journey to the depths of the forbidden worlds leading a band of warriors, including Draco (Mads Mikkelsen), an experienced fighter who encourages a reluctant Perseus to take advantage of his divine powers. As they battle against unholy demons and terrifying beasts, they will only survive if Perseus accepts his godly powers and defies fate to forge his own destiny.