Trail Santa Cruz Extreme

Are you ready to undergo the most extreme and exciting experience of the year? The ANAGA XTRM races, as part of the Trail Santa Cruz Extreme, with a mountain course within the municipality of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, are designed for intensity and speed to take over your body.

With different distances, the races have various modalities to take part in: if you want a demanding test, the 60 km race is the one for you, which you must prepare for as the course demands. If not, you can opt for the 33 km, 18 km or 10km races. But that’s not all: the race also has a vertical option, with a climb of more than 500 steps that will envelop you in history with each step.

Organising sport for everyone is a crucial aim nowadays. Trail Santa Cruz Extreme has taken on the baton from many associations which, for years now, have contributed, through their hard work, to ensure that more people with disabilities visit the mountains, transmitting values and solidarity through sporting competitions in their Jöelette category.

The event has recently obtained the environmental quality certification “Green CXM Trail FEDME” in its 19 km category, from FEDME and EUROPARC-España, based on the Guide to Good Practices for Holding Mountain Races in Protected Natural Areas.

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