Tenerife Bluetrail

Tenerife Bluetrail is a unique race in Europe thanks to its route, which begins at sea level to rise above 3,500 metres of altitude in parts. The race offers ten modalities with different characteristics for people with or without disabilities, designed so that athletes of different levels and physical condition can take part.

Few races around the world offer you the chance to race between volcanic rock and cones, to climb between the boulders in the badlands and pause to gaze out over the whole island from the summit of El Teide volcano, and then take a dizzy descent between pine and laurel forests until you reach paths on the edge of the sea on the northern coast. That is why this is called the ‘magical’ race.

A complete challenge that is eagerly awaited year after year by mountain running enthusiasts and which has established its place as one of the unmissable events on the trail running calendar in Spain.

If you want to take part, sign up on the website tenerifebluetrail.com, where you will find all the information on the race.