Atlantic Eco Experience

​​Atlantic Eco Experience offers the opportunity to go whale watching and to observe seabirds and turtles in an unusual and different way. Atlantic Eco Experience offers excursions on board Papacho 2, a comfortable semi-rigid nine-metre boat which can carry up to ten passengers.

The activities offered by Atlantic Eco Experience include the company of a specialist biologist at all times, who is your guide, which allows you to understand the secrets of the behaviour of dolphins and whales. Users have the opportunity to witness how these mammals communicate as the boat is equipped with a sophisticated sound system including a hydrophone allowing our guests to hear the sounds made by the whales and dolphins.

The tours show total respect for the environment and the animals both in the open sea and in bathing areas close to the coast.


- Eco Experience Excursion (3-hour tour)

- Eco Afternoon Excursion: (2-hour tour)

- Eco Gigantes Excursion: (5-hour exclusive tour)

- Eco Private Excursion: (Tour of variable duration)

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